Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Presidential Poster


For the Presidential poster assignment, the goal was to design a poster that higlighted some of the President's accomplishments but design it so that it represented the period in which the president served his term or in Ike's case....terms

My process work......

These are the prelimenary thumbnail sketches. I was having a hard time coming up with a design that showed who Eisenhower was visually so I wouldn't have to use as much text.

After I chose the sketch that I thought said "Commander and Chief" the best, I decided to illustrate "Ike" by doing a graphite drawing.

I scanned the drawing into photoshop, and added a few details that I felt would capture the period in which he served. I chose to use red, white and blue for the obvious reasons, but I wanted the colors washed out so that the poster would look aged and also because color was kind of a new concept in the 1950's. I chose a text font that was similar to the text used in the "I like Ike" campaign to complete the dated look.
Overall, I am happy with the fnished poster. I feel like I represented President Eisenhower well and I also feel like I captured the period of his term sufficiently.