Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The History of...

The History Of Asian Art

The assignment was to choose any topic and create a visually exciting poster explaining briefly the History of ......anything we wanted. I chose Asian Art. I tried to concentrate an 3 main aspects of Asian Art: The cherry blossoms, Calligraphy and the Geisha because these are the things that are most typically seen in Asian paintings.


I started out with sketches of my ideas

I wasn't quite sure which topic I wanted to go with at first....but found most of my thumbnails were going towards the Asian Art.

This was my last round of thumbnails after I decided that I liked one sketch but needed to change the direction of the geisha and the flowers.

This is my painting ....I liked the flowers in the painting and decided that without a stem they resembled the cherry blossoms when in full bloom.

So I cut the image out using photoshop and added the geisha. I wanted to keep the writing from the original painting but after I added my background image....the writing wasn't showing through.

This is the image I used in the background . using photoshop I faded the picture out buy adjusting the opacity. I just wanted a hint of the Art in the background.
I put the images all together and added my text. I adjusted the opacity on all the layers and filled and corrected areas using the paint brush tool.
Overall, I'm pleased with my final poster! :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



The assignment was to create a container, a logo, and an ad for the Lab created meat called "Shmeat".

Let me introduce you to Professor Shmeat. He was inspired by the teacher in the movie "The Wall". I've been told that he looks a little creepy, but honestly....lab created meat is a little creepy!

My next obstacle was to create a logo.....this is what I came up with. The cow is embracing the professor because his life is being spared, the professor, hes just happy that he can continue his work without being badgered by PETA and the end result....EVERYONE loves Shmeat! The mmm.....that's because Shmeat is sooooo delicious! do we package it so people will buy it???

This is the front and back of my Shmeat container.

The finished product! A real life "Pop -up" Shmeat container starring....Professor Shmeat!!

This is the almost finished was just missing the container. From the start of the project I really wanted to use the Pink Floyd inspired " If you don't eat your shmeat, you cant have any pudding." Personally, I think that you would have to be bribed to eat the Shmeat and that's some good looking pudding!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Presidential Poster


For the Presidential poster assignment, the goal was to design a poster that higlighted some of the President's accomplishments but design it so that it represented the period in which the president served his term or in Ike's case....terms

My process work......

These are the prelimenary thumbnail sketches. I was having a hard time coming up with a design that showed who Eisenhower was visually so I wouldn't have to use as much text.

After I chose the sketch that I thought said "Commander and Chief" the best, I decided to illustrate "Ike" by doing a graphite drawing.

I scanned the drawing into photoshop, and added a few details that I felt would capture the period in which he served. I chose to use red, white and blue for the obvious reasons, but I wanted the colors washed out so that the poster would look aged and also because color was kind of a new concept in the 1950's. I chose a text font that was similar to the text used in the "I like Ike" campaign to complete the dated look.
Overall, I am happy with the fnished poster. I feel like I represented President Eisenhower well and I also feel like I captured the period of his term sufficiently.