Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The History of...

The History Of Asian Art

The assignment was to choose any topic and create a visually exciting poster explaining briefly the History of ......anything we wanted. I chose Asian Art. I tried to concentrate an 3 main aspects of Asian Art: The cherry blossoms, Calligraphy and the Geisha because these are the things that are most typically seen in Asian paintings.


I started out with sketches of my ideas

I wasn't quite sure which topic I wanted to go with at first....but found most of my thumbnails were going towards the Asian Art.

This was my last round of thumbnails after I decided that I liked one sketch but needed to change the direction of the geisha and the flowers.

This is my painting ....I liked the flowers in the painting and decided that without a stem they resembled the cherry blossoms when in full bloom.

So I cut the image out using photoshop and added the geisha. I wanted to keep the writing from the original painting but after I added my background image....the writing wasn't showing through.

This is the image I used in the background . using photoshop I faded the picture out buy adjusting the opacity. I just wanted a hint of the Art in the background.
I put the images all together and added my text. I adjusted the opacity on all the layers and filled and corrected areas using the paint brush tool.
Overall, I'm pleased with my final poster! :-)

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