Tuesday, April 14, 2009



The assignment was to create a container, a logo, and an ad for the Lab created meat called "Shmeat".

Let me introduce you to Professor Shmeat. He was inspired by the teacher in the movie "The Wall". I've been told that he looks a little creepy, but honestly....lab created meat is a little creepy!

My next obstacle was to create a logo.....this is what I came up with. The cow is embracing the professor because his life is being spared, the professor, hes just happy that he can continue his work without being badgered by PETA and the end result....EVERYONE loves Shmeat! The mmm.....that's because Shmeat is sooooo delicious!
Now.....how do we package it so people will buy it???

This is the front and back of my Shmeat container.

The finished product! A real life "Pop -up" Shmeat container starring....Professor Shmeat!!

This is the almost finished ad....it was just missing the container. From the start of the project I really wanted to use the Pink Floyd inspired " If you don't eat your shmeat, you cant have any pudding." Personally, I think that you would have to be bribed to eat the Shmeat and that's some good looking pudding!

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